McLeod's Rockville, Maryland Abortion Clinic
Jackson Place North
966 Hungerford Drive, Suite 24
Rockville, Maryland

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Targets: Students of Montgomery Community College--Rockville, MD...Virtually on Campus

Status: Deadly Active!

Jackson Place Business Section


Alley leading to Clinic

Signs near Trash Containers

Clinic Side Gate

Clinic Sign & Entrance

Neighboring Community College:

Montgomery Community College,
Rockville, Maryland

Abortion Methods:
(1) 1st 18 Weeks only:
1st thru Mid 2nd Trimester)
Abortion Costs: $250 to $1,000
Morning After Pill
(3) Birth Control Pills, etc.
(4) RU-486
Medical Warnings:
1. Abortion Breast Cancer Risk
2. Perforated Uterus
3. Sterility
4. Depression,
5. Addictions: Alcohol, Drugs & Sex
6. Suicide
7. Partial Birth Abortion is Health, Life Threatening Forced Breech Birth

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