The Media

Contact the Media, expecially located near the abortionist's clinics and homes.
Reach out with the Truth, Loving Help and a Challenge to the aborted Babies' fellow citizens, to their mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, students, community leaders, professionals, religious leaders, musicians, artists, teachers, writers, businesses and politicians.

Use The Media to tell the community how Abortionist Mcleod targets them, harms them all: mothers, fathers, pre-born Babies and as well as the Society in all of its elements which also suffers!

The Nation, the World, your State & your Community, the Young and the Elderly, need to know that you are fed up with a status quo that accepts the deaths of millions of innocent American Babies at the hands of the likes of Abortionist Earl McLeod!

Local State Media near McLeod's Clinics & Home


National & International Media

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You can make a difference:
  1. Get informed including reading our Articles
  2. Join the Next Face the Truth Tour
  3. Join Church, town, State, National pro-life organizations, i.e.: Defend Life
  4. Boycott McLeod's Clinics from other services
  5. Contact, Inform and Protest to Business, Residential, Student, Religious/Church Communities, Neighbors, Schools, Politicians, Government Officials and the Media about Mcleod's unethical Baby killing services
  6. Get more Info and Ideas from other pro-life organizations--see our Links
  7. Make a Donation to Defend Life We need your help!