Aborting Mother's Side Effects:
  1. Loss of her Aborted Child
  2. Death by Perforated Uterus
  3. Death by Bleeding
  4. Death by Heart Attack
  5. Death by Stroke
  6. Death by Blood Clots
  7. Death by Toxic Reaction to Abortion Pills, Chemicals & Methods
  8. Death by Breast Cancer (Interrupts growth of milk producing cells, especially at 1st pregnancy: 28 World-Wide Medical Journal Studies: www.AbortionBreastCancer.com
  9. Sterility
  10. Increased Depression,
  11. Increased Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  12. Death by Increased Suicide
  13. Loss of Relationship with Father of Child Aborted

Aborted Child's Side Effects:

  1. Death of Child
  2. Horrifically Painful Death
  3. Psychological Trauma Near Death of Child who survives the abortion
  4. Bodily Damage in Child who survives the abortion
1. Noble's Law: When does life begin?
Science versus the KnowNothings!
It has everything to do with Genetics & DNA, Evolution or Creation!
Life begins at the Moment of Genetic Signature, at the Moment of Genetic ID, at the Moment of Genetic Inheritance, at the Moment of Genetic Imprint, i.e., at the Moment of Fertilization, Conception or Cloning!

Life begins at that DNA Defining
Moment of NATURAL Selection for Evolutionists which is the
Moment of DIVINE Selection for Creationists.

2. Noble's Corollary: Refuting Unscientific Myths!
Implantation and Birth are Wise Moves, but not the DNA or Genetic Defining Moment!
3. George William Hunter's statement: When life begins!
He was the author of A Civic Biology, the controversial object in the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial on evolution teaching in public schools:
"Each plant, animal and human begins it's life at fertilization, when the egg and sperm cells unite!"
4. Noble's Law: Unlikely Individual Human Existence!
Winners of the Lottery against Us, You & I, the Chosen Ones!

A winning lotto ticket is 10 MILLION TIMES more likely than an individual human life!

Lotto Chances: 1 in 16 million vs. Individual Creation Chances: 1 in 200 million:

Each of us is 1 of our mom's 2 to 7 million eggs TIMES 1 of our dad's 100 to 200 milliion sperm.. What a RARE Gift Creation makes us!

5. US Senator Sam Brownback in Iowa, Aug 28 2005 on when life begins:
Everything! It is either a person or a piece of property! So embryos are persons, not property or things!