Women--Endangered, Injured or Dead

How many women have died as a result of abortion services at Earl McLeod's Abortion Clinics?

At least 2...see below!

Two Dead Women, both Mothers: A Teacher (JenniferGamboa Hallner) & Kelly Morris.

More Deaths to come: In addition, many of the mothers of more than 150,000 aborted Babies will likely protract Breast Cancer and many will die!
See Abortion Breast Cancer Link: 50% to 800% increased risk
Healing Message from Heaven!

Mom, although you aborted me, ask and I will forgive you, for I will always love you! Also please give me a name and ask, I will pray for you!

~ Your Baby in Heaven! {© 2005 Noble Leo Morton III}

If you know of other women who have suffered as a result of abortion by Earl Mcleod, please report any information to us, especially court, medical, media, police or other documents:

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